Request for Watch Servicing, Jewellery or Watch Repair.

At Winski Bros we are delighted to offer a no-obligation quote within 48hrs for all jewellery, ring, watch, and clock repairs.

How to get your jewellery or watch repair quote

Simply fill in the message area below with as much detail as you can. Tell us the make and model of watch, type of service or repair you require, whether it is an amendment to a ring, jewellery repair, or watch and clock repair. Please ensure your contact details are accurate.

What will happen next

We will send you an email with a detailed quote of the work we will carry out and the price. If some clarification is needed or it would be best to bring the item to the shop or post it to estimate more accurately, we will advise by phone or email.

Delivery and collection

We offer a delivery and collection service for larger items. (E.g. grandfather clocks). Please ask for a price for this service.

Watch repair quote